About ModemGuides

Founded in 2014, ModemGuides began as a tiny storefront with only a few products. Over the years we have developed into a one-stop-shop for your networking equipment needs, and now carry over 100 different products. We’ve curated modem compatibility lists to help streamline finding a modem to replace your rental, and removing your monthly modem rental fee from your internet bill. It’s our chief goal to help reduce your monthly internet bill in any way we can!

In addition to offering a wide range of modems, routers & other networking equipment, our team has worked diligently to build a knowledge-base of helpful articles, product manuals and troubleshooting guides to help even the least technically savvy customer overcome common problems with their at-home setup. All this so that you can take your home networking setup into your own hands, and reduce the amount you pay your internet company for technical support, service calls and other costly assistance.

All of our customer service is based here in Portland, OR USA. We hire technically savvy, helpful and genuinely nice people to take our calls and respond to your emails to ensure that every interaction with us results in a positive outcome.

We love what we do and look forward to continuing to provide the best devices, best prices and best customer service available to our clients.

ModemGuides Activation Guarantee

All of our modems are guaranteed to activate with compatible providers. We consider a provider to be compatible with a modem when it has been featured on their approved modem list. We also supply our own lists for each provider with all modems known to work with that provider, however some of the models we feature may not work in your area.

We are confident in the quality of our products and guarantee that if any issues arise during activation, we will ship out an expedited replacement for your order. Check out our Approved Modem Lists for all major providers to ensure you’re getting a model that meets your needs! If you feel you are in need of a replacement, contact us within the first 90 days after your order was delivered and we will make sure your issues are resolved.

How We Give Back

Our business was founded on the principle of having low or no negative impact on our environment. We are constantly looking for ways that we can change to reduce our carbon footprint, such as switching to cardboard packaging made with natural soy-based ink and our current plans to switch to fully biodegradable packaging by the end of 2021.

Part of this initiative also includes donating modems and routers to charities in order to help lower income families and small businesses gain access to the internet without any equipment rental fees. ModemGuides donates several thousand modems and routers locally to several charities, including Free Geek (Portland, OR).

Donating these, already used modems helps prevent them from entering the landfill, and helps offset our ecological footprint. It’s our hope that these devices can be reused a few more years before heading to an e-waste facility to be resourcefully disassembled for parts to use in new equipment or to be melted down and used for something else, entirely.

Our Future Plans

In addition to donating a good portion of our returns, we also are currently using packaging derived from recycled materials. When we receive returns, we try to reuse packaging materials, wherever possible. All unusable packaging that we receive from returns is sorted by our staff and taken to the recycling center. We will be phasing out plastic in all of our products by the end of 2021.

ModemGuides Return Policy

Having reliable internet can be a challenge, and sometimes things don’t work out, even after carefully selecting your equipment – that’s why we are very easygoing about returns. We gladly accept returns for all items within 30 days of delivery, regardless of your reason for returning. To start your return, please make a return request to get your return started, or contact us for more information about our return and replacement policies!