How to Cancel Atlantic Broadband Breezeline Internet Service

If you need to cancel your Atlantic Broadband internet service, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact Atlantic Broadband to request a cancellation. You can do this by calling the customer service number or by visiting the Atlantic Broadband website and filling out a cancellation form.
  2. When you contact Atlantic Broadband to request a cancellation, be prepared to provide your account information, including your account number and contact information.
  3. Review your contract terms to see if you’ll be charged any fees for canceling your service. Some internet service providers charge early termination fees if you cancel your service before the end of your contract period.
  4. If you have any equipment from Atlantic Broadband, such as a modem or router, you’ll need to return it to the company before your service can be fully cancelled. You may be charged for any unreturned equipment.
  5. Once you’ve completed these steps and your service has been cancelled, you’ll need to make arrangements to have your internet service transferred to a new provider if you want to continue using the internet.

Canceling your Atlantic Broadband internet service can be a straightforward process as long as you follow the necessary steps and understand any fees or charges that may be involved. By contacting Atlantic Broadband to request a cancellation, returning any company equipment, and reviewing your contract terms, you can successfully cancel your service and make arrangements to transfer to a new provider if necessary.

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