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How to Increase Your Internet Coverage for AT&T Fiber

Users of AT&T Fiber can increase their internet coverage by taking a few easy steps. The router should be positioned in the center of the room, away from any walls or other obstacles. This will make it easier to guarantee that the signal is dispersed equally throughout the area.

Utilizing a WiFi extender or mesh network system is another way to increase coverage. These gadgets can assist in boosting your current WiFi signal and extending its range to those challenging locations. If your router has an external antenna, be sure to adjust it and point it in the proper direction to maximize the signal.

Best Mesh Network System for AT&T Fiber

Google WiFi Mesh System (3-Pack)

Another piece of advice is to use Ethernet cables to link wired devices, like gaming consoles and computers, to your router. This can help those devices perform better and put less strain on your wireless network. Updating the firmware on your router can also aid in performance enhancement and the correction of any existing problems.

Keeping cordless phones and microwaves away from your router will help you avoid interference from other electronic devices that use the same frequency. Finally, make an effort to reduce the number of devices connected to your network to prevent a slowdown in internet speed. AT&T Fiber users can enhance their internet coverage and have a better online experience by following these instructions.

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