A preshared key (PSK) is a type of authentication used in wireless networks. It is also known as a shared secret or passphrase. It is used by a network to authenticate a user or device during the connection process.

The user or device must have the same key as the network in order to gain access. The preshared key is generated by the network administrator and is usually a randomly generated string of characters. This key is then shared with the user or device in order to allow them to connect to the network. The key is usually either printed on a label attached to the router or can be found in the setup page of the router‘s web interface.

The preshared key provides an extra layer of security for the wireless network. It ensures that only users or devices with the correct key can connect to the network. It also prevents unauthorized users from accessing the network and prevents data from being intercepted.

The preshared key is an important part of the security of a wireless network. It should be kept secure and should not be shared with anyone else. If the preshared key is ever compromised, it is important to change it immediately to ensure that the network remains secure.