Top Router Detector Software Options for Network Management and Troubleshooting

What is a Router Detector?

A router detector is a tool or software used to identify the type of router or gateway that is being used in a network. It helps determine the model, make, and IP address of the router, as well as other relevant information such as the network’s subnet mask and default gateway. Router detectors are often used by network administrators or technicians to manage and troubleshoot network issues. They can also be useful for home users to find the IP address of their router and gain access to its administrative interface to change settings such as the Wi-Fi password or port forwarding.

Software Options

Here are some of the main options for router detector software:

  1. Advanced IP Scanner
  2. Angry IP Scanner
  3. Fing Network Scanner
  4. LanScan for Mac
  5. NetScan Tools Pro
  6. SoftPerfect Network Scanner
  7. Wireless Network Watcher
  8. Whois This IP
  9. GlassWire
  10. NetworkMiner.

These tools offer various features such as IP scanning, network mapping, device detection, and vulnerability assessment. Some of the tools are platform-specific (e.g. Mac or Windows), while others are available for multiple platforms. Choosing the right router detector software depends on your specific needs and requirements.

Wireless Routers

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