Compatible Modem Lists by Provider

Cable Providers

Modem Compatibility Lists for US-Based Cable Internet Providers

The easiest way to save on your internet bill every month is to stop paying those rental fees for your modem and router. Some providers only charge a fee for renting a certain piece of equipment, so always check your bill before starting your search to see what kind of device you’ll need to get that fee waived. Choose from the list of cable internet providers below to get started!

Compatible Spectrum Charter Modems List

Approved Cable Modems for Charter Cable! Check out the complete list of modems that work with Charter.

Comcast Xfinity Compatible Modems

Comcast Xfinity Approved Modems Welcome to ModemGuides, your go-to source for the latest and most comprehensive information on home networking!

Cox Cable Compatible Modems

Cox Cable Compatible Modems Welcome to ModemGuides, your one-stop destination for the latest information on modem technology. If you're a

WOW! Cable Compatible Modems List

WOW! Compatible Modems List Owning your WOW compatible cable modem is one of the easiest and quickest ways to start

Sparklight Cable One Approved Modems

Whether you're looking to upgrade your internet service, or just trying to find the best cable modem for Sparklight, ModemGuides

Optimum Compatible Modems List

Optimum Compatible Modems List Welcome to our comprehensive guide featuring a list of Optimum cable compatible modems and modem-router combo

Mediacom Compatible Modems List

Mediacom Modems FAQ Shop Mediacom Modems Best Modems for Mediacom In order to connect to the internet using Mediacom's cable

Midco Internet Compatible Modems: A Guide to Choosing the Best Modem for Your Needs

Shop Midco Modems Best Modems for Midco It can be difficult to find the appropriate modem for your Midco Communications

Atlantic Broadband Compatibility Guide: Best Modems & FAQs

About Atlantic Broadband Atlantic Broadband FAQ Shop Atlantic Broadband Atlantic Broadband Compatibility Guide: Best Modems & FAQs Welcome to ModemGuides,

Brighthouse Compatible Modems List

Brighthouse Compatible Modems List Choosing the right modem can make a significant difference in your internet experience, especially if you're

Cincinnati Bell Modem Equipment List

Cincinnati Bell Compatible Modems Welcome to ModemGuides, your definitive source for finding the right modem for your internet needs! If

Sonic Compatible Modems List – Best Modems for Sonic

Sonic Compatible Modem List Finding the right Sonic modem that will work with your internet service can be tricky! Most

DSL Providers

Compatible Equipment Lists for US-Based DSL Internet Providers

While DSL internet service providers here in the US are more picky than cable providers about which devices they choose to allow on their network, it’s still extremely important to pick one that will work for your setup among the few that are permitted. Choose your DSL provider from the list below, or search our shop for your provider to find a match for your internet needs!

CenturyLink Compatible Modems List

CenturyLink Compatible Modems Welcome to ModemGuides, where finding the right connection equipment is made easy! If you're a CenturyLink subscriber

Earthlink Compatible Modems List

Earthlink Compatible Modems List Welcome to ModemGuides, your comprehensive source for all things related to modems and internet connectivity! If

Windstream Compatible Modems List

Windstream Compatible Modems List Saving money on your Windstream modem rental fee is super easy! Windstream supports devices that can

AT&T Modem Guide: Compatible Modems for AT&T

Maximize Savings with an AT&T-Compatible Modem Owning an AT&T-compatible modem can be a game-changer for your monthly expenses. With many

Frontier Compatible Modems

Shop Frontier Modems Frontier Modems FAQ How to Change WiFi Password Finding the best Frontier modem for your service doesn't

Verizon Approved Modems

Shop Verizon Modems How to Extend WiFi Range Verizon Self-Install Instructions Looking for the best router for Verizon Fios? Look

Compatible Modems for TDS Telecom Internet: A Guide to Activation

TDS Telecom Compatible Modems Welcome to ModemGuides, your one-stop source for finding the best modem solutions to fit your needs.

Helping You Save $$ on Modem Rental Fees

Finding the right modem for your internet service in order to remove your monthly rental fee can be tricky, especially with so many options out there! That’s why our technicians have made things easier by putting together a list for every major US cable and DSL provider.

Information You Can Trust

Our lists have been verified and cross-referenced with other sites, customer reviews, and manufacturer data sheets to ensure that each of our lists are accurate, and up to date at all times. We hope you’ll experience a much simpler modem search & ultimately stop paying your monthly modem rental fee for good!