CenturyLink Compatible Modems List

At ModemGuides, it’s our primary goal to both help you save money on your CenturyLink internet bill and also help you find the best CenturyLink compatible DSL modem that fits the needs of your service plan. We know that finding the right model that will be compatible & work in your area can be tricky, so we did our best to eliminate most of the guess-work. That’s why we put together an easy list of all models known to work with CenturyLink services.

CenturyLink has tested the list of modems below to make sure they work & perform on their network. We’ve also consulted reviews and testimonials, tech support forums & other online resources to find the best options based on real user ratings so that you can feel confident in the modems on this list. The CenturyLink compatible modems below have been tested and approved to work on the CenturyLink network. These modems have been tested for technology compatibility (ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL2, GPON, Pair Bonding), real world maximum speed, and IPv6 compatibility.

CenturyLink Approved Modems List
BrandModelDownloadPhoneWifiDSL TypeRating
ActiontecC1000A300 MbpsYesYesVDSL2
(48 reviews)
ActiontecC1900A80 MbpsYesYesVDSL2
(17 reviews)
ActiontecC2000A800 MbpsYesYesVDSL2
(9 reviews)
ActiontecC2300A1 GbpsYesYesVDSL2
ActiontecPK5000300 MbpsYesYesDSL
(7 reviews)
ActiontecPK5001A300 MbpsYesYesADSL2/2+
(11 reviews)
ActiontecQ1000300 MbpsYesYesVDSL | ADSL2/2+
(58 reviews)
ActiontecQ2000300 MbpsYesYesVDSL2
ActiontecC3000A2.4 GbpsNoYesADSL2+ | VDSL2
(1 review)
AdtranC424G1 GbpsYesYesGPON
CalixC844G1 GbpsYesYesGPON
NetgearD70001.3 GbpsYesYesVDSL/ADSL
TechnicolorC2000T1 GbpsYesYesADSL2+
(29 reviews)
TechnicolorC1100T300 MbpsYesYesVDSL2
(5 reviews)
TechnicolorC2100T1 GbpsYesYesADSL | ADSL2+ | VDSL | Fiber
(28 reviews)
Westell750010 MbpsYesYesADSL2
(3 reviews)
ZyxelC1000Z300 MbpsYesYesVDSL2
(72 reviews)
ZyxelC1100Z300 MbpsYesYesVDSL2
(45 reviews)
ZyxelC2100Z1.7 GbpsYesYesVDSL2
ZyxelC3000Z200 MbpsYesYesVDSL2
(23 reviews)
ZyxelFR1000Z1 GbpsNoYesGPON
ZyxelPK5000Z20 MbpsYesYesDSL
ZyxelPK5001Z300 MbpsYesYesADSL2+
(30 reviews)
ZyxelQ1000Z100 MbpsYesYesVDSL2
ZyxelP-870HN300 MbpsNoYesVDSL2 | ADSL2+

*These are the max speeds the technology can accommodate. Speeds may vary based on configuration and other factors.

Even though these modems are tested and confirmed to be compatible with CenturyLink service, we still highly recommend contacting CenturyLink prior to purchasing to ensure the modem you get will meet the speed & service requirements of your CenturyLink internet plan. Please be aware that your area may only permit certain DSL types, and that may impact compatibility. Please ensure you know what type of DSL service you have available to you before selecting your modem.

How to Pick the Best DSL Modem for CenturyLink

Buying the best DSL modem for your CenturyLink service can be tricky, especially with so many new features to consider. To ensure you’re getting a modem that has all the features you’ll need and will last you for several years to come, we recommend starting your search by looking at the features you use right now. Then, check out what additional features you’d like to have. The easiest way to determine what features are important to you is to run through this short list of features that are commonly included in CenturyLink compatible modems & modem routers.

  • WiFi / Wireless
  • Dual-Band
  • Gigabit Internet Compatible
  • VDSL / ADSL / ADSL2 / ADSL2+
  • Telephone service
  • GPON
  • Number of Ethernet Ports
  • Beamforming / Beamforming+
Best DSL Modems For CenturyLink
Top Rated
  • Top Rated
  • Gigabit Compatible
  • Modem Router Combos
  • Telephone Enabled

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