Comcast Xfinity Approved Modems

Welcome to ModemGuides, your go-to source for the latest and most comprehensive information on home networking! If you’re a Comcast Xfinity subscriber looking to get the best out of your internet service, you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve put together a meticulously researched and updated list of Comcast Xfinity compatible modems for 2023. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly options or top-of-the-line modems that can handle the most demanding streaming and gaming needs, our guide has something for everyone. Say goodbye to rental fees and unleash the true potential of your internet connection with the perfect modem from our 2023 selection!

Comcast Compatible Modems List

ArrisSB820010+ GbpsNoNo3.132x8
ArrisSB61901.4 GbpsNoNo332x8
(100 reviews)
ArrisSBG7580-AC690 MbpsNoYes332x8
(20 reviews)
ArrisSVG2482AC1 GbpsYesYes324x8
ArrisSBG7400AC21 GbpsNoYes324x8
ArrisSB6183686 MbpsNoNo316x4
(184 reviews)
ArrisSBG6900-AC686 MbpsNoYes316x4
(11 reviews)
ArrisSBG6950AC2686 MbpsNoYes316x4
(53 reviews)
ArrisSBG6580343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(10 reviews)
ArrisSB6141343 MbpsNoNo38x4
(170 reviews)
ArrisSBG6782AC343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(209 reviews)
ArrisSBG6700-AC343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(12 reviews)
ArrisTG862G-CT343 MbpsYesYes38x4
(47 reviews)
ArrisCM820A343 MbpsNoNo38x4
(166 reviews)
ArrisSBG6400343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(12 reviews)
ArrisSBG6580-2343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(26 reviews)
ArrisTG862R343 MbpsYesYes38x4
ArrisTM822R343 MbpsYesNo38x4
ArrisTM822G343 MbpsYesNo38x4
(71 reviews)
ArrisSB6120160 MbpsNoNo34x4
(70 reviews)
ArrisSB6121172 MbpsNoNo34x4
(14 reviews)
ArrisTM722G343 MbpsYesNo34x4
(196 reviews)
AsusCM-321.3 GbpsNoYes332x8
(8 reviews)
AsusCM-16686 MbpsNoNo316x4
(8 reviews)
BelkinDPC3008343 MbpsNoNo38x4
(14 reviews)
D-LinkDCM301343 MbpsNoNo38x4
LinksysCG7500343 MbpsNoYes324x8
(84 reviews)
LinksysCM3024960 MbpsNoNo324x4
LinksysCM3016686 MbpsNoNo316x4
LinksysCG6350343 MbpsNoYes316x4
LinksysCM3008343 MbpsNoNo38x4
MotorolaMB86006 GbpsNoNo3.132x8
MotorolaMB7621686 MbpsNoNo324x8
MotorolaMG7700686 MbpsNoYes324x8
(16 reviews)
MotorolaMB7420686 MbpsNoNo316x4
(19 reviews)
MotorolaMG7550686 MbpsNoYes316x4
(15 reviews)
MotorolaMG7540686 MbpsNoYes316x4
(19 reviews)
MotorolaMB7220343 MbpsNoNo38x4
(11 reviews)
MotorolaMG7310343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(8 reviews)
MotorolaMG7315343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(9 reviews)
NetgearC78003.2 GbpsNoYes3.132x8
NetgearCM10001 GbpsNoNo3.132x8
(50 reviews)
NetgearCM7001.4 GbpsNoNo332x8
(8 reviews)
NetgearCBR402.2 GbpsNoYes332x8
NetgearC70001.9 GbpsNoYes324x8
(10 reviews)
NetgearCM600960 MbpsNoNo324x8
(6 reviews)
NetgearC7100V960 MbpsYesYes324x8
(11 reviews)
NetgearC75003.2 GbpsNoYes324x8
(7 reviews)
NetgearC69001 GbpsNoYes324x8
NetgearC7000v2600 MbpsNoYes324x8
NetgearC6300686 MbpsNoYes316x4
(4 reviews)
NetgearCM500686 MbpsNoNo316x4
(111 reviews)
NetgearC6250686 MbpsNoYes316x4
(84 reviews)
NetgearCM500V686 MbpsYesNo316x4
(57 reviews)
NetgearCG3000DV2343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(62 reviews)
NetgearC3000343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(32 reviews)
NetgearC3700343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(9 reviews)
NetgearCM400343 MbpsNoNo38x4
NetgearC6220343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(19 reviews)
NetgearC3000v2343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(32 reviews)
NetgearC3700v2343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(9 reviews)
NetgearCMD31T150 MbpsNoNo34x4
SMCNetworksD3CM1604686 MbpsNoNo316x4
TP-LinkCR19001 GbpsNoYes324x8
TP-LinkTC76501 GbpsNoNo324x8
TP-LinkCR700 686 MbpsNoYes316x4
(16 reviews)
TP-LinkTC-7620686 MbpsNoNo316x4
TP-LinkCR500 686 MbpsNoYes316x4
(5 reviews)
TP-LinkTC-7610343 MbpsNoNo38x4
TP-LinkTC-W7960 343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(12 reviews)
Zoom5345343 MbpsNoNo38x4
Zoom5370686 MbpsNoNo316x4
Zoom5341j343 MbpsNoNo38x4
(184 reviews)
Zoom5350343 MbpsNoYes38x4
(1 review)
Zoom5352343 MbpsNoYes38x4
Zoom5363343 MbpsNoYes38x4
Zoom5354343 MbpsNoYes38x4
Zoom5360343 MbpsNoYes38x4

*These are the max speeds the technology can accommodate. Speeds may vary based on configuration and other factors.

Benefits of Owning Your Xfinity Comcast Modem

The cost savings are among the most important advantages of having your own Comcast modem. Customers who use a leased modem pay Comcast anywhere from $4.95 to $9.95 per month. However, you can buy one of the majority of Comcast modem models, and it will pay for itself in less than three years. This means that by owning your own modem, you could save hundreds of dollars over the course of three years.

Customize Your Internet Settings

The increased control you have over your internet service is another advantage of having your own modem. When you have a modem of your own, you can change the settings and tailor your internet usage to better suit your requirements. For instance, you have access to advanced settings like port forwarding and network address translation as well as the ability to change the WiFi network’s name and password. A leased modem does not offer this level of control.

Increased Compatibility

Additionally, not having to worry about compatibility issues or upgrading to a new modem is another advantage of having your own modem. When using a leased modem, there is always a chance that a new modem model won’t work with it or that it won’t be updated to the most recent technology. You can make sure that your modem is always current and functional with your internet service if you have your own.

Leased Modems Often Need More Troubleshooting

You can also avoid the hassle and inconvenience of dealing with a leased modem if you own your own modem. When you stop using your service or relocate, you are in charge of returning your leased modem. This process can be stressful and time-consuming. Owning your own modem, however, gives you the flexibility to take it with you when you move and eliminates the need to worry about returning it when your service is cancelled.

Having a Comcast modem of your own has a lot of advantages. The cost savings are the main advantage, but you also get more control over your internet service, no longer have to worry about compatibility problems, and don’t have to deal with the hassle of a leased modem. In light of the simple self-installation procedure and Comcast’s compatibility list, purchasing a modem is preferable to renting one.

Xfinity Compatible Modems
Browse our top picks for modems and modem router combos that have been tested to work with Comcast Xfinity.

Ditch Your Comcast Modem Rental Fee

Unfortunately, many internet service companies don’t make upgrading to own your own modem very easy. There’s lots of red tape on what devices work with which providers that can make your modem search confusing and difficult. Our technicians recognize the need for more clarity in this industry, so we’ve put together these modem compatibility lists for Comcast & other internet providers to help make thing easier.

Comcast has vouched for the majority of the models listed below, and the rest were added after we did our own testing across thousands of our customers over the years. The list we have provided here has been tested and approved to work on the Comcast network. These approved, third-party modems have been checked for technology compatibility, real world maximum speed, and IPv6 compatibility.

Even though these modems are compatible with Comcast, we still highly recommend contacting Comcast prior to purchasing to ensure the modem you get will meet the speed & service requirements of your Comcast internet plan.

Comcast Xfinity Modem FAQs

Answers to common questions we receive about activating your own Comcast Xfinity modem router and general technical support or troubleshooting questions specific to Comcast. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, check out our other guides for more answers, or leave your comment below & we’ll help out as best we can!

How often is ModemGuides' Xinity approved modems list updated?

We keep all of our approved modem lists as updated as possible. Our technicians will update each of our lists as soon as a new model is released that works with Xfinity or a model is determined to be “End of Life” or is no longer supported in most areas. Models that still work in most areas will be left on the list. Because of that, please call your provider to check if the model you’re looking at will work in your area to ensure you’ll have no difficulty activating it, when the time comes.

How do I activate my xfinity modem?

Activating your Xfinity modem is a quick and easy process that can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Unpack your modem and make sure you have all the necessary cables and power supply.
  2. Connect the coaxial cable to the modem and the wall outlet.
  3. Connect the power supply to the modem and plug it into an electrical outlet.
  4. Wait for the modem to fully power on, which may take a few minutes.
  5. Connect an Ethernet cable from your computer or laptop to the modem.
  6. Open a web browser and navigate to the Xfinity activation page by typing in “” in the address bar.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your modem. This may include entering your account information, such as your account number and phone number associated with the account.
  8. Once the activation is complete, you can disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer and use the modem’s built-in WiFi or connect it to a wireless router.

It is crucial to remember that you should check the Xfinity website before activating your modem to make sure it is compatible with their service; otherwise, you might experience difficulties.

Additionally, you can ask for help from the Xfinity customer service if you’re having trouble activating your modem. They can assist with problem-solving and make sure the modem works with your plan.

Once I purchase an Xfinity modem, what steps do I need to take to set it up?

Once you’ve purchased your modem, you can activate it in one of two ways:

1. Self Activation (quickest)

  • Plug your xfinity compatible modem or modem router in in the same way as the device you’re replacing
  • Wait about 5 minutes for your modem to power on
  • Connect an Ethernet cable into the back of your modem, and the other end into your computer or laptop
  • Open a web browser page (Safari, Firefox, Chrome all work great, But not Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge)
  • Navigate to any website. You’ll be redirected to Xfinity’s self-activation page.
  • Log in to your Comcast Xfinity account & select which services you’re looking to activate (phone, cable and/or internet)
  • Comcast’s self activation will walk you through activating, and prompt you with questions about your modem
  • Please note that phone activation may require a separate phone call to get activated, especially if it’s a new service


2. Provider Activation (easiest, but takes longer)

  • Plug your xfinity compatible modem or modem router in in the same way as the device you’re replacing
  • Wait about 5 minutes for your modem to power on
  • We recommend writing down or taking a picture of the serial numbers/MAC addresses on your modem so that it’s easier to answer your provider’s questions during activation
  • Call Xfinity customer service: 1-800-XFINITY
  • They’ll ask a series of questions and have your modem activated in about 30 minutes or so, depending on the services you’ll be activating.

Why is my comcast internet so slow?

Slow internet can be a huge nuisance, especially in the age of working from home. There are a plethora of reasons why your Comcast internet could be running slower than normal. If your internet is slower than normal, we recommend calling your provider to find out if there’s a service outage in your area, high network usage, or if there is some issue with your equipment. While knowing why the slowdown occurred won’t really help fix it in most cases, it can help you predict how long it will last.

In the case that your equipment is out of date, we highly recommend upgrading to owning your own modem and router. This is a great way to save money, and also can help you prevent network slowdowns due to using an old, outdated rental modem.

Always check with your provider to ensure that the model you’ve selected will work with your specific service plan and be compatible with services in your area before purchasing.

Can I use my own modem with Comcast internet?

You can definitely use your own modem with Comcast to save money. Making sure the modem is compatible with Comcast’s network and service is crucial. Before buying or using a modem for Comcast’s service, it is advised to check with them to make sure it is compatible.

How can I find out which Comcast modem is best for my speed or service?

Our list of Comcast approved modems includes customer ratings, maximum download speed capabilities and other features compiled directly from the manufacturer data sheets. We found that researching which model to buy takes a really long time, and decided that compiling all of that information onto one page for easier comparison made the process go much faster for our customers.

To find the best model for your needs, we recommend checking out what plan you’re on with Comcast, paying specific attention to what speed tier you’re subscribed to (especially if you’ll be needing a gigabit modem), and if you have phone service or not. You’ll also want to make sure that your modem has built-in WiFi unless you are using a separate WiFi router, or don’t use wireless to connect to the internet. After you’ve made your selection, make sure to call your provider or chat with them online to make sure that the model you’ve picked out will work in your area.

If you’re still not sure which model to buy, you can always call your provider. They can see what internet plan you’re on and provide recommendations that would best suit your needs and be compatible with your service plan.

How to restart Xfinity router?

Restarting your Xfinity modem router is super quick. All you need to do is unplug it from the wall for 10 seconds, then plug it back in and wait a few minutes for it to power back on. Waiting 10 seconds after you unplug ensures that the modem is fully powered off. Make sure that if your modem has a battery backup installed, that is also removed when you do this, otherwise your modem will not power off.

How to change Xfinity WiFi password?

Changing the WiFi password is super easy, but the specific instructions depend on the manufacturer of your modem/router. Here are some general instructions that work with most modem routers and routers:

1. Plug one end of an ethernet cable into the back of your modem, and the other end into your PC or laptop. You can also connect to the existing WiFi network, if your device does not have an Ethernet port.

2. Open an internet browser (any browser works except for Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge).

3. Type into the web address/URL bar of your web browser and then hit Enter.

4. At this point you should see a webpage asking for a username and password with the logo of the manufacturer of your device (Arris, Motorola, Netgear, etc.) You may have to google the default credentials for your specific manufacturer, but the majority of devices start out with these credentials.

  • username: admin
  • password: password

5. Once you’re logged into the settings panel, navigate to the WiFi/Wireless settings area, and find where it lists the “SSID” or network name. This is your WiFi network name, or the name that will show up in your WiFi list to connect to.

6. Next, find where it says “network password” or “pre-shared key”. This is your WiFi password. This will be a case-sensitive password that you’ll use to connect devices to your WiFi. Most devices require at least 8 digits.

7. After you’ve set your WiFi name and password or Pre-Shared Key, make sure to hit save at the bottom of the page. If you were connected to this page over WiFi (instead of ethernet), you may be disconnected from the page since your computer has no way of knowing you’ve changed the password.

8. If your device does not recognize the new network name, try restarting your device and it should show up. You can now connect to your WiFi network with your new network name and password.

Will any modems from this Xfinity compatible modem list work with other providers?

Yes! Many of the modems listed here are designed to work with other cable companies in addition to Comcast. Check out the product page for each model by clicking the model number. Our product pages mention which other providers (if any) that model will work with.

Are there any devices not on this list that might be Xfinity approved modems?

Absolutely! Some models that are only compatible in a small number of zip codes are intentionally left off our list to avoid potential confusion or activation issues. We also remove most “End of Life” devices, even though many of those can still be activated and supported in many areas.

Additionally, in cases where a device was just recently released for residential, customer-owned use, we hold off on adding it to our recommendation list until we’ve seen how it performs during activation. We vet each model that we add on here to ensure that it works in most areas and activates easily.

Did we answer all your questions about Comcast Xfinity Compatible Modems? Let us know in the comments, or leave your own questions for our technicians to answer!

4 thoughts on “Comcast Xfinity Compatible Modems

  1. Robert Jack says:

    Will xfinity support a Cisco DPQ3212 modem?

    1. ModemGuides says:

      Hi there!
      At this time, we are not seeing this model successfully be activated with Comcast Xfinity. It’s generally used with some smaller providers like Optimum and Cablevision, however you may be able to get it to work in your area. We always recommend calling your provider to ask about specific models as they know what is permitted for use in your area and what specs are required of your internet service plan.
      Hope that helps, but please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any other questions!

  2. K says:

    Is the Technicolor CGM4231 Cable Modem compatible for Comcast Xfinity service providers?

    1. ModemGuides says:

      Hi K!

      We checked with our technicians and this model might work with Xfinity, but it’s not on their approved equipment list (or ours). If you really would like to use this model, we recommend calling Xfinity and asking specifically if this model number will be able to activate in your area and also support the services in your internet subscription plan. We’ve heard pretty often that our customers are able to use equipment with Comcast and other providers that has all the right specs but may not be on their official list.

      Hope that helps! Please let us know if we can answer any other questions!

      – ModemGuides Support

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