It can be difficult to find the appropriate modem for your Midco Communications internet connection due to the extensive amount of information that comes with each model regarding its specifications, speeds, and compatibility. In order to make things simpler for you, the technicians here at ModemGuides have compiled a list of models that have been tried and tested to ensure that they are compatible with Midco in the majority of areas.

We highly recommend calling your internet service provider before purchasing any modem. This is because it is possible that your region does not support certain models for a variety of reasons. Before purchasing any modem, you should call your provider to verify that the model you have chosen is compatible with your service plan and will be able to activate in your region.

ArrisCM820A343 MbpsNo3
(166 reviews)
ArrisCM82002.5 GbpsNo3.1
(16 reviews)
ArrisDG2470A960 MbpsYes3
ArrisDG32701 GbpsYes3
ArrisDG34502.5 GbpsYes3.1
ArrisMB86001 GbpsNo3.1
(164 reviews)
MotorolaSB6141343 MbpsNo3
(170 reviews)
MotorolaSB6180150 MbpsNo3
(100 reviews)
MotorolaSB82002 GbpsNo3.1
(60 reviews)
MotorolaSBG6580343 MbpsYes3
(10 reviews)
MotorolaSBG6782AC343 MbpsYes3
(209 reviews)
MotorolaSBG6950AC2686 MbpsYes3
(53 reviews)
MotorolaSBG7400AC21 GbpsYes3
(50 reviews)
CiscoDPC3008340 MbpsNo3
(14 reviews)
CiscoDPC3010340 MbpsNo3
(210 reviews)
CiscoDPC3825340 MbpsYes3
CiscoDPC382850 MbpsYes3
HitronCDA-RES320 MbpsNo3
HitronCDA3-351.2 GbpsNo3
HitronCODA-451.97 GbpsNo3.1
HitronCODA-45822.2 GbpsYes3.1
HitronCGN3RES960 MbpsYes3
HitronCGNMRES-35521.2 GbpsYes3
HitronCGNM-2250960 MbpsYes3
NetgearC78003.2 GbpsYes3.1
(57 reviews)
NetgearCG3000D343 MbpsYes3
(1 review)
NetgearCM10001 GbpsNo3.1
(50 reviews)
NetgearCM120010 GbpsNo3.1
SMCSMCD3GN2343 MbpsYes3
Zoom5341J343 MbpsNo3
(184 reviews)
Zoom5350343 MbpsYes3
(1 review)
Zoom5352343 MbpsYes3

How to Activate Your Modem with Midco Internet Service

Activating a modem with Midco internet service typically involves the following steps:

  1. Unbox your modem and connect it to a power source.
  2. Connect the modem to your computer or router using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Turn on the modem and wait for the lights to stabilize. This can take a few minutes.
  4. Open your web browser and enter the default IP address for your modem. This can typically be found in the modem’s manual or on the bottom of the modem.
  5. Log in to the modem’s web interface using the default username and password. This can also typically be found in the modem’s manual or on the bottom of the modem.
  6. Once logged in, navigate to the “setup” or “configuration” page.
  7. Enter your Midco account information, including your username and password.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process. This may include setting up the modem’s network settings and configuring any additional features.
  9. Once the modem is activated and configured, you should be able to connect to the internet.

It’s important to note that these steps may vary depending on the specific modem you are using, so you should refer to your modem’s manual or contact Midco’s customer support for assistance with the activation process.

Additionally, if you have rented the modem from Midco, it should come pre-activated and you will only need to connect it to your computer and start using it.

Also, it’s important to check with Midco for the compatibility of your modem with their service, as not all modems will work with Midco’s network.

Did we answer all your questions about which modems work with Midco internet service? Let us know in the comments, or leave your own questions for our technicians to answer!

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