While renting your modem and other networking equipment can be very convenient and save time in the short term, you will be charged a monthly rental fee for your modem on your service bill. That $10 per month charge definitely adds up! Imagine how much you could save in just 1 year just by owning your own Optimum approved modem! That’s a lot of chocolate croissants — or whatever… We don’t want to be bossy!

Finding the right model can be tricky, especially with Optimum’s very selective criteria for compatibility. To make things easier, we’ve pulled together a list of all models that have been tested and confirmed to work well with Optimum cable. Our Optimum approved modems list features models that are on Optimums official list, as well as models that have been tested to meet Optimums requirements AND have been successfully activated recently by our customers.

ArrisTM822A343 MbpsYesNo38x4
(56 reviews)
ArrisTM804343 MbpsYesNo38x4
(1 review)
ArrisTM1602A640 MbpsYesNo316x4
(48 reviews)

*These are the max speeds the technology can accommodate. Speeds may vary based on configuration and other factors.

Using the Arris TG1672G with Optimum

Many other websites featuring compatibility information include the “TM1672G” as one of the approved modems that work with Optimum.  Unfortunately, this model does not actually exist. Most people interpret this as a typo for the “Arris TG1672G,” but after a plethora of tests done by ModemGuides Technicians and our customers, we have determined that model is not compatible with Optimum.

Activating Your New Optimum Modem

Activating your own modem can be a little scary, but it’s surprisingly simple and can usually be completed online, in under 30 minutes! Check out our guide on self activation with Optimum for some tips & tricks for getting your modem up and running as quickly as possible. If you get stuck, you can also always reach out to us via email for additional help!

Best Modems for Optimum

    Optimum Modem FAQ

    Can I use my own modem with Optimum Cable?

    Absolutely! You can totally use an owned modem with Optimum, as long as that model has been approved for use with Optimum and is not tied to any other customer’s account. Check out our Optimum shop, or consult with the Optimum compatible modems list above to pick a model that will work for your service.

    Remember to always call your provider before placing your order to ensure that the model you’ve selected will work with your service and be able to activate in your area!

    How to install my own modem with Optimum?

    To activate your new customer-owned modem with Optimum, you can follow the simplified instructions here, or check out our more in-depth article with all the tips & tricks to a smooth, speedy activation.

    1. After disconnecting your old modem, plug your new modem in, the same way as the one you’re replacing. Make sure the Coaxial cable is screwed in tightly, and the Ethernet cable is connected into the yellow or grey port on the back of your modem.

    2. Wait 10 minutes for your modem to fully power up.

    3. Connect your computer to the modem via Ethernet cable directly, OR to your wireless router’s WiFi (if using a WiFi router).

    4. Navigate to any website page. You should be redirected to Optimum’s website.

    5. Log in to your Optimum account, and then follow the prompts to activate your modem. The prompts will likely ask for serial numbers, MAC addresses & other information located on your modem’s bottom sticker.

    6. Once you’ve finished activating your modem, you should be good to go to use the internet like normal!

    What modems are compatible with Optimum online?

    Optimum only permits a few models to be used as customer-owned equipment on their network. Currently there are 3 models they support fully:

    Arris TM1602A
    Arris TM822A
    Arris TM804

    Should I contact ModemGuides tech support or Optimum tech support?

    Whether you call us, or you call Optimum technical support, entirely depends on the problem you’re experiencing.

    Here are some scenarios where you would call Optimum tech support:

    • You’re experiencing a service outage lasting longer than 30 minutes
    • Your modem appears to be working fine, but you are not getting any internet / phone connection
    • You’ve run into a problem while activating your modem, or something else goes wrong during self-activation
    • You’re getting internet, but it’s not at the speed you’re paying for

    Here are some reasons we would recommend contacting us over Optimum tech support:

    • Order, delivery, or shipping-related inquiries
    • Optimum did a diagnostic, and determined there was something wrong with the modem
    • Questions pertaining to your ModemGuides order
    • WiFi issues (signal strength, range, issues with Dual-Band/Tri-Band networks, Internet only through wired Ethernet)
    • Refunds & return questions

    If you’re still not sure, or don’t see your problem listed here, you can always reach out to us via email for assistance. If we feel that your question would best be resolved by contacting Optimum, we’ll promptly refer you to speak with them.

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