Sparklight Compatible Modems

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your internet service, or just trying to find the best cable modem for Sparklight, ModemGuides can help you choose the best option for your service tier and budget! Saving money on your CableOne internet bill has never been easier! Check out our CableOne & Sparklight compatible modems list below to start looking for the best cable modem for your internet service. Check out each device’s features, speeds and specifications. Our technicians love to help out, so feel free to comment below if you feel you need further clarification on any model on this list or are looking for something not included here!

BrandModelChannelsDOCSISWiFiPhoneCompatible Plans
TP-LinkTC-762016x43XXSparklight 300
ArrisDG9508x432.4 GHz NXSparklight 150
HitronCGNVM-358232x83.12.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 1000
HitronCGNM-225224x832.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 100
NetgearCAX8032x83.12.4 GHz AX + 5 GHz AXXSparklight 1000
NetgearC7000v224x832.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 100
NetgearC690024x832.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 100
Zoom53528x432.4 GHz NXSparklight 150
Zoom53508x432.4 GHz NXSparklight 150
Zoom5341j4x43XXSparklight 50
TP-LinkTC-W79608x432.4 GHz NXSparklight 150
TP-LinkTC-76108x43XXSparklight 150
TP-LinkCR70016x432.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 300
NetgearCM120032x83.1XXSparklight 1000
NetgearCM110032x83.1XXSparklight 1000
NetgearCM100032x83.1XXSparklight 1000
NetgearCM70032x83.1XXSparklight 1000
NetgearCM60024x83XXSparklight 100
NetgearCM50016x43XXSparklight 300
NetgearCM4008x43XXSparklight 150
NetgearCG3000Dv28x432.4 GHz NXSparklight 150
NetgearOrbi CBR4032x83.12.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 1000
NetgearC780032x83.12.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 1000
NetgearC750024x832.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 100
NetgearC700024x832.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 100
NetgearC630016x432.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 300
NetgearC625016x432.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 300
NetgearC37008x432.4 GHz N + 5 GHz NXSparklight 150
NetgearC30008x432.4 GHz NXSparklight 150
MotorolaSBG65808x43Switchable 2.4 GHz N or 5 GHz NXSparklight 150
MotorolaSB61828x43XXSparklight 150
MotorolaSB61808x43XXSparklight 150
MotorolaSB61418x43XXSparklight 150
MotorolaSB61204x43XXSparklight 50
MotorolaMG770024x832.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 100
MotorolaMG755016x432.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 300
MotorolaMG754016x43XXSparklight 300
MotorolaMG73158x432.4 GHz NXSparklight 150
MotorolaMG73108x432.4 GHz NXSparklight 150
MotorolaMB860032x83.1XXSparklight 1000
MotorolaMB762116x43XXSparklight 300
MotorolaMB742016x43XXSparklight 300
MotorolaMB72208x43XXSparklight 150
LinksysCM302424x83XXSparklight 100
LinksysCM301616x43XXSparklight 300
LinksysCG750024x832.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 100
ArrisTM822G8x43XXSparklight 300
ArrisTM802G8x43X2 LinesSparklight 150
ArrisTG862G8x432.4 GHz N2 LinesSparklight 300
ArrisTG852G8x432.4 GHz NXSparklight 300
MotorolaSBG830032x83.12.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 1000
MotorolaSBG7600AC232x83.12.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 1000
MotorolaSBG7580-AC32x83.12.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 1000
MotorolaSBG7400AC224x832.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 100
MotorolaSBG6950AC216x432.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 300
MotorolaSBG6900-AC16x432.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 300
MotorolaSBG6782-AC8x432.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 150
MotorolaSBG6700-AC8x432.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 150
MotorolaSBG6580-28x43Switchable 2.4 GHz N or 5 GHz NXSparklight 150
MotorolaSBG64008x432.4 GHz NXSparklight 150
MotorolaSBG1016x432.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 300
MotorolaSB820032x83.1XXSparklight 1000
MotorolaSB619032x83.1XXSparklight 1000
MotorolaSB618316x43XXSparklight 300
MotorolaSB61214x43XXSparklight 50
ArrisDG345032x83.12.4 GHz AX + 5 GHz AXXSparklight 1000
ArrisDG327032x83.12.4 GHz N + 5 GHz ACXSparklight 1000
ArrisDG167016x432.4 GHz N + 5 GHz NXSparklight 300
ArrisDG8608x432.4 GHz NXSparklight 150
ArrisCM820032x83.1XXSparklight 1000
ArrisCM8208x43XXSparklight 150
Zoom53458x43XXSparklight 150
Zoom5341J8x43XXSparklight 150

Best Modems for Sparklight Cable One

Finding the best pick for your service can certainly be a challenge, especially with so many options available. Sparklight permits all of the models on this list on their network, so all you need to do is pick one with the features you need and you’ll be all set to start saving money on your monthly rental fees. Always make sure to call your provider before placing an order to ensure that the model you’ve selected will be a good fit for your service and be able to work properly in your area.



To avoid the headache of returning your modem, please always check with your provider for compatibility info that’s specific to your area!



Decide what features are important and keep in mind your current and future internet plan when shopping.



Once you’ve narrowed it down and gotten the green light from your provider, make your purchase and feel satisfied that you’ll be saving $$ for years to come!

Arris SBG7580-AC SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

  • DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, AC1750 Dual-band Wi-Fi Router & 4 Port Gigabit Router
  • 32x8 Channel Bonding to Support Download Speeds up to 686 Mbps
  • Compatible with Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum, Time Warner, Charter and Brighthouse
  • AC1750 2.4/5.0 GHz Dual-band Concurrent Wi-Fi Router with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • Wi-Fi with beamforming – max coverage and performance

Arris SBG8300 DOCSIS 3.1 Wireless Cable Modem

  • DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem with Integrated AC2350 Dual-Band Wireless Router
  • Compatible with Xfinity Comcast, Cox, Charter, Spectrum & Time Warner Cable Services
  • Designed for Use with Multi-Gigabit Service Plans
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports + 1 Power Supply Port + Coaxial Port
  • 32x8 Channel Bonding Supports Wired Download Speeds up to 10+ Gbps

Arris TM804G DOCSIS 3.0 Phone Cable Modem

  • Compatible with Optimum, Mediacom, CableONE & Major US Cable Providers
  • Supports Internet Download Speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • DOCSIS 3.0 Modem with Telephone - Wireless Router Sold Separately
  • 2 Carrier Grade VoIP Phone Ports with G.168 Echo Cancellation
  • 8x4 Channel bonding with 4 Ethernet Ports & Battery Backup Capability

Zoom 5350 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Cable Modem

  • Compatible with Xfinity by Comcast, Cox, Charter, TWC / Spectrum, Bright House & Other Major US Cable Providers
  • Supports Internet Download Speeds Up to 343 Mbps & Upload Up to 123 Mbps
  • DOCSIS 3.0 Modem & WiFi Router Combo with Firewall & Wireless Security
  • 4 Ethernet Ports + 1 USB Port
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with Mediacom & Cablevision

Sparklight CableOne FAQ

It can be hard to find the answer to your specific questions online, especially when working with multiple pieces of networking equipment that don’t seem to be playing nicely together. That’s where we come in! If you don’t see the answer on our site, or elsewhere, feel free to leave it in the comments for our tech support reps to tackle within the next 1-2 days.

How do I know for sure that the model I've picked out is compatible with my service plan?

We’ve provided the list of Sparklight compatible modems for your reference, however you’ll always need to confirm with your internet provider’s customer service to make sure that the model you’ve picked out will work with your internet service package and be compatible in your area before placing your order.

How do I activate my Sparklight cable modem?

Activating your Sparklight modem is super easy, and only takes a few minutes to do on your own.

  1. Plug in your modem the same way as the one you’re replacing.
  2. Wait 5 minutes for your modem to power on.
  3. Call your internet service provider and let them know you’re trying to activate your new modem.
  4. They’ll ask for the Serial Number and MAC address of your modem (located on the bottom sticker, usually).
  5. They’ll walk you through the rest of the activation and help confirm that your internet is working.

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