Suddenlink Compatible Modems

Suddenlink currently offers three internet service packages that support a pretty wide range of different speed options. If you’re interested in streaming, online gaming, or any other online activity that requires faster speeds, we highly recommend going with a model in either the 101-500 Mbps or the 500+ Mbps ranges, since these models will more adequately be able to support higher speed data rates. As a result, you’ll experience less buffering and lag. Below, you can find each package offered as well as the minimum specs of the modem required to operate on that tier plan. Make sure to check which plan you’re on or which is offered in your area before proceeding to the list of Suddenlink modems.

50 - 100 Mbps

  • 8 x 4 Channel Bonding
  • DOCSIS 3.0

101 - 500 Mbps

  • 16×4 Channel Bonding
  • DOCSIS 3.0

500+ Mbps

  • 32×8 Channel Bonding
  • DOCSIS 3.0

Suddenlink Approved Modems List

BrandModelRecommended PlanWiFiDOCSISChannelsRating
ArrisSB6190501+ MbpsNo3.032x8
(59 reviews)
NetgearCBK40501+ MbpsYes3.032x8
ArrisSBG7580AC501+ MbpsYes3.032x8
(20 reviews)
NetgearCM700501+ MbpsNo3.032x8
(8 reviews)
NetgearC7000101-500 MbpsYes3.024x8
(10 reviews)
NetgearCM600101-500 MbpsNo3.024x8
(6 reviews)
NetgearC6900101-500 MbpsYes3.024x8
ArrisSB6183101-500 MbpsNo3.016x4
(184 reviews)
ArrisSBG6900-AC101-500 MbpsYes3.016x4
(11 reviews)
LinksysCM3024101-500 MbpsNo3.024x8
(19 reviews)
LinksysCM3016101-500 MbpsNo3.016x4
MotorolaMB7420101-500 MbpsNo3.016x4
(19 reviews)
MotorolaMG7550101-500 MbpsYes3.016x4
(15 reviews)
NetgearC6300101-500 MbpsYes3.016x4
NetgearCM500101-500 MbpsNo3.016x4
(111 reviews)
NetgearC6250101-500 MbpsYes3.016x4
(84 reviews)
TP-LINKCR700101-500 MbpsYes3.016x4
(16 reviews)
TP-LINKTC-7620101-500 MbpsNo3.016x4
Zoom5370101-500 MbpsNo3.016x4
ASUSCM-16101-500 MbpsNo3.016x4
(8 reviews)
ArrisSBG6580Up to 100 MbpsYes3.08x4
(10 reviews)
ArrisSB6141Up to 100 MbpsNo3.08x4
(170 reviews)
ArrisSBG6700-ACUp to 100 MbpsYes3.08x4
(12 reviews)
ArrisSBG6400Up to 100 MbpsYes3.08x4
(12 reviews)
NetgearC6220Up to 100 MbpsYes3.08x4
(19 reviews)
NetgearC3000Up to 100 MbpsYes3.08x4
(32 reviews)
NetgearC3700Up to 100 MbpsYes3.08x4
(9 reviews)
NetgearCG3000Dv2Up to 100 MbpsYes3.08x4
(62 reviews)
NetgearCM400Up to 100 MbpsNo3.08x4
MotorolaMB7220Up to 100 MbpsNo3.08x4
(11 reviews)
MotorolaMG7310Up to 100 MbpsYes3.08x4
(8 reviews)
MotorolaMG7315Up to 100 MbpsYes3.08x4
(9 reviews)
TP-LINKTC-7610Up to 100 MbpsNo3.08x4
TP-LINKTC-W7960Up to 100 MbpsYes3.08x4
(12 reviews)
D-LINKDCM301Up to 100 MbpsNo3.08x4
LinksysCM3008Up to 100 MbpsNo3.08x4

*These are the max speeds the technology can accommodate. Speeds may vary based on configuration and other factors.

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