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How to Activate Your Modem


  1. Plug your modem into power cable & screw in coaxial cable.
  2. Wait 1 hour for firmware update.
  3. Call your internet service provider to initiate activation.



  1. Plug your modem into power cable & DSL cable.
  2. Call your internet service provider to initiate activation.
Change WiFi Password & WiFi Settings

These instructions on updating your WiFi settings will work for most models, however in some cases it’s better to consult with your specific device user manual.

  1. Plug your modem into the power supply cable.
  2. Connect to your modem‘s wireless network or connect an Ethernet cable from your modem into your computer.
  3. Open an internet browser window on your device and type your modem’s IP address into the URL address bar at the top of the page.
    • Your device’s IP address can usually be found printed on the same sticker as your modem’s MAC and serial numbers. If your device does not have a default IP printed, follow the instructions below to find your modem’s IP manually.
  4. Once you’ve typed in your modem’s IP address into the URL bar in your browser, hit enter. You’ll be directed to a login page asking for a username and password.
  5. Username and password to access the wifi settings of your modem will vary depending on what model you’ve purchased. You can consult the same sticker to see if your default login credentials are printed on the device, or check your modem’s user manual for the default username and password.
  6. After logging in, navigate to the wireless settings area.
  7. Your WiFi network name is usually called “SSID”, “Network Name SSID” or something similar.
  8. Your WiFi password is usually called “Pre-Shared Key” Network Security Key” or something similar.
  9. Once you’ve edited your WiFi name and password, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and hit save to lock in your new settings.
  10. Now, to confirm your settings were applied correctly, we always recommend testing out your new WiFi password by connecting to the network with your device. You’ll know it’s working when you enter your WiFi password for the network and it says “connected”.

How to Find Your IP Address

This method works on Windows computers and does not require any software to be downloaded. You’ll be using command prompt to find the internal IP address so you can log into your WiFi router or modem router’s settings panel.

  1. Click the start menu in the bottom left of your screen.
  2. In the search bar in your start menu, type in “cmd.exe” and then click on that program when it appears in the search.
  3. When the program opens, you’ll see a black window on your screen with white text.
  4. Type into the program “ipconfig“, then hit Enter. Your window should look like the one shown below. The IP address circled below shows where your internal IP address will be on your command prompt window. Now you can move on to accessing your modem or modem router’s settings admin panel.

How to Set Up Your WiFi Extender

To get instructions that are more specific to your WiFi range extender model, we recommend checking out the user manual for your range extender for setup instructions. However, these work for almost all extenders.

Actiontec ScreenBeam WCB6200Q Setup Instructions

Some Things to Consider:
  • Regardless of the brand of WiFi extender you purchase, extenders connect to your existing router and use it to broadcast a new WiFi network.
  • We recommend placing the extender in the center of the area needing a stronger WiFi signal.
How to Set up Your Extender
  1. Decide where in your home the extra signal strength is needed the most. You want a location close enough to your router to easily pick up your signal but far enough away so the extender’s network will correct the area of poor coverage.
  2. Many devices come with a built-in setup wizard or other app that will prompt you through setting up the range extender for the first time. We recommend using one of these if possible as they take the least amount of time. You can find out if your device includes a setup wizard in the device’s user manual. For example, most Netgear products use Netgear Genie.
  3. Once you’ve followed the prompts to set up your WiFi extender, test out the network and ensure that you’ve picked the most optimal spot in your home.
Order-Related Questions
How do I return my order?

We accept returns for a full refund within 30 days of when your order was delivered at your shipping address. To request a return, simply return to the retailer you purchased from and open a return request to receive an RMA and return label.

We always request that you include a note about what was wrong with the device when returning it so that our technicians have an easier time repairing the device.


My modem did not activate with my provider, even though it’s on their approved list. What should I do?

As long as your order is still within our 30-Day activation guarantee period, we cover all devices that fail to activate with compatible providers. Please contact us for an expedited replacement or technical support. Please note that in some cases, activation issues can be due to firmware.


My order is missing pieces or the the cables sent with my order aren’t working.

Please contact us for an expedited replacement cable. While we do test every device that comes in our doors and check each power supply cable to ensure a tight, functional fit, occasionally at our fulfillment centers inventory may be damaged, or mixed up which has lead to some of these issues in the past.

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