Product Manuals & Installation Guides

Accessing clear, easy to understand instructions for your modem or router can be the difference between getting it to work on your own or calling out a technician from your internet service provider for a fee. Our goal is to save you as much money as possible, without adding hassle to your choice to upgrade your home networking equipment. That’s why our team decided to add a manuals section for our customers! We include the manufacturer manual, but add annotations if there’s an easier or better way to do something.

As always, we provide free technical support for our customers if you’re still stumped after reading through the install manual, setup instructions or troubleshooting guide. If you’re needing some assistance, head over to our customer care page to shoot us a message. We’ll get back to within 24 hours!

General Support Articles

How-to guides, tips & tricks, and our technical expertise polished into easy-to-understand nuggets, allowing you to take a DIY approach to your home networking, and rely less on calling up your internet providers customer service or technical support.

How to Activate Your Modem

Due to popular demand, we’ve provided self-activation guides for most major providers in the US. Take a look at these to help get started with your activation, or if you get stuck along the way. ModemGuides customers are always welcome to contact us for additional support, if needed.

Product Manuals FAQ

I couldn't find the manual for my modem, will you be releasing it soon?

We are still working on developing product manuals for many of our products for your reference, however we may not have plans to work on the specific one you need. If you don’t see your here, please send us a message letting us know the manufacturer name and model number of the product so we can ensure it gets added.

I couldn't find my internet provider in your list of Activation instructions, will it be added later?

In some cases, yes. However, this entirely depends on if your provider offers a self-activation option. In general though, you can always follow these 2 steps to get your device activated:

  1. Plug your new modem in the same way the old one was connected.
  2. Call your provider’s customer service and ask them to activate it.

When you call your provider, they’ll ask you questions about the modem and go through manual activation with you over the phone. This method may take a little longer than a true self-activation, but it’s no less effective and works for the vast majority of providers.

I have a question that wasn't answered here or your FAQ page.

Contact us! We are here to help, and provide as much support as we are able to.