How to Reset Arris TM722

Resetting your modem is a crucial troubleshooting tool that can help with most common networking issues that occur. Knowing how to factory restore your modem can mean that you don’t need to spend hours on the phone with your service provider, missing work or other engagements.

  1. Plug in your modem to the power outlet and wait 3-5 minutes for it to boot up.
  2. Press and hold the reset button on the back of the modem where all the other ports are for 30 seconds, then release. You’ll need a pen cartridge or paperclip for this step.
  3. Wait 5 minutes for your modem to boot back up.
Arris Touchstone TM722G Telephony DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Ports

Arris TM722 Admin Panel Login

Logging into the settings admin panel will allow you to have better control of your network and access more advanced settings in your modem. It’s essential to be able to log in to monitor for network problems and change basic network settings.

To log in, start by ensuring your Arris TM722 is plugged in, and powered on. Make sure you’re directly connected to the modem via Ethernet cable going directly to your computer (no routers, switches or any other device can be present).

Next, open a web browser and navigate to the IP address of your modem by typing into your web browser’s URL bar.

Arris TM722G IP Address

The IP address for the TM722G is To log into the admin settings panel, simply enter this address into the URL bar at the top of your web browser.

After successfully navigating to this address, you’ll be asked to provide a username and password to enter the admin settings panel. Here are the default login credentials:

Username: admin

Password: password

Note: if entering these credentials does not allow you to enter the settings panel, we recommend doing a factory reset with the coaxial cable unplugged, and then giving it another try before reconnecting the coax.

Connecting a WiFi Router to Arris TM722G

Follow these step-by-step instructions to connect a WiFi router to an Arris TM722G cable modem:

  1. Ensure your equipment is ready: Unpack your WiFi router and Arris TM722G cable modem. Make sure you have all the necessary cables: an Ethernet cable (usually supplied with your router), and a power cable for both the router and the modem.
  2. Position your devices: Place your cable modem and router in a central location. Ideally, this should be near a power outlet and close to where you will most frequently use your WiFi. Avoid placing your devices inside cabinets or behind other electronics, as these can interfere with your signal.
  3. Connect the cable modem to the power source: Plug in the power cable to your Arris TM722G cable modem and then into a power outlet. Wait for it to start up completely. This is usually indicated by the lights on the modem. You should see a solid power light, and the downstream and upstream lights should be blinking or steady.
  4. Connect the cable modem to the Internet: This is typically done by plugging a coaxial cable into the “Cable” port on the back of your cable modem. The other end of this cable should be connected to your Internet service provider’s (ISP’s) connection or cable outlet.
  5. Connect your router to the cable modem: Take your Ethernet cable and plug one end into the Ethernet (also known as “LAN”) port on the back of your cable modem. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable into the “Internet” or “WAN” port on the back of your WiFi router.
  6. Power up the router: Connect the power cable to your WiFi router and then plug it into a power outlet. Wait for it to start up completely. Depending on the model, the power light should come on, and the Internet or WAN light should start blinking after a minute or so, indicating a connection with the modem.
  7. Configure your router: To do this, you will need a computer or a smartphone. Follow the instructions provided with your router to connect to its network, either by using a supplied network name and password or by connecting directly with a cable. Once you’re connected, open a web browser and type in the router’s IP address, typically something like “” or “”. This will take you to the router’s configuration page.
  8. Set up WiFi: On the router’s configuration page, you should see options to set up your WiFi network. This typically includes setting a network name (or “SSID”) and password. Make sure to choose a strong password to secure your network. Also, select WPA2 or WPA3 as your security type, as these are the most secure.
  9. Save your settings and test your connection: After you’ve configured your WiFi network, save your settings. Your router will probably restart. After the restart, you should be able to see your new network from your wireless devices. Connect to the network using the password you created.
  10. Troubleshooting: If you can’t connect to the internet, restart both the modem and the router by unplugging them, waiting a minute, and then plugging them back in. If you’re still having problems, contact your ISP or the manufacturer’s customer service for further assistance.

Remember, your modem and router might be a little different depending on the model and brand, so if you’re having trouble, check the instruction manual that came with your devices.

Arris TM722 FAQ

Does the Arris TM722 have WiFi?

No, the Arris TM722 is just a cable modem with telephone service built-in. If you need WiFi as well, you’ll need a separate wireless router to handle the WiFi signal.

Does the Arris TM722 work with Comcast?

Yes, the Arris TM722 works with Comcast in most areas, however we always recommend calling your provider before buying to ensure this model will work in your area and is compatible with your service plan.

Need WiFi?
Browse our selection of High-Speed wireless routers compatible with the Arris TM722G Cable Modem:

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  1. Vickie Kroger says:

    Oh please, help comes, usually not soon enough. I have the Arris TM722G cable modem for telephone with not a bit of instructions how are where to connect, my 2eared NETGEAR wifi into my “old” computer system. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. ModemGuides says:

      Hi Vickie,

      Thank you for your comment! We have updated the manual to include instructions on how to connect a wireless router to your Arris modem. Hopefully you can use the information posted here to get your modem connected to your wifi router. Please feel free to comment back if you have any other questions.

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