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Actiontec GT784WNV

How to Activate with Verizon

The Actiontec GT784WNV is a version of the GT784WN series that is ONLY approved for use with Verizon services. After profuse testing with various DSL providers, this model has been confirmed to not work with any other DSL company in the USA. If you need this model, but are not using it with Verizon, we recommend calling your provider to get a recommendation on what model to purchase, but also recommend looking at the GT784WN as that model is much more versatile.

If you are trying to activate this model with Verizon services, please continue reading for instructions on how to get started!


When getting your service started or swapping out some old equipment, there are only a few ways to get your new equipment activated so you can access the internet.

1. Call Verizon internet customer service and have them activate your equipment for you.

This is certainly the easiest way to get your device activated, especially if you feel uncomfortable with the process or are not technically savvy. All that’s required is that you call Verizon internet customer service, and request that they activate your new equipment. They’ll generally ask you some questions about the device they’re helping activate, such as the Serial Numbers and your account information. Generally, this option will take slightly longer than doing the self-activation would since there is usually a wait to speak with a representative, and they may need a few minutes extra to access your account and verify information with you before beginning.

2. Self-Install and activate your own equipment online.

How to Reset

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