TP-Link Archer C3200 Wireless Router Product Manual

About the TP-Link C3200 WiFi Router

One of the newer models available, and one of the few that features tri-band wireless connections, the TP-Link Archer C3200 is a powerhouse! This model allows you to connect even more devices without overloading your bandwidth. Connect to any of its three separate wireless networks for instant speed! The C3200 features two 5GHz wireless networks, each broadcasting a network that accommodates up to a blazing 13ooMbps. Or go for more range and connect to the versatile 2.4GHz option which still puts out a comfortable 600Mbps for those devices that move around more often, or are further away from your TP-Link router.

Additionally, this model features enhanced security, & parental controls to help keep you devices & personal information safe from malicious attacks and unwanted intruders. This model is great for homes of all sizes with it’s additional antennas, you’ll be able to get internet access from much further away than traditional models. If you don’t already own this powerhouse of a router for your gigabit service, you’re definitely missing out!

How to Install the TP-Link Archer C3200

To install the C3200, you’ll need to already have cable or DSL internet installed and activated in your home. If you don’t already have internet, this will obviously not help your situation. Make sure you have the items listed to the right before starting.

  1. Plug in your TP-Link router to the power supply and allow it to power up for 2-3 minutes. Once you see the WiFi lights come on, it’s booted up fully.
  2. Connect an Ethernet cable into the WAN port in the back of your modem, and connect the other end into one of the Ethernet ports on your C3200.
  3. You should now be able to access the internet via the WiFi on your TP-Link C3200 router. To test this, simply connect to your router using the default wireless network information found on the sticker on the bottom of the router.

Note: If you’re having trouble connecting, consider trying a different Ethernet port on your router, or doing a factory reset to ensure your router is at the default network settings.

Needed Materials for Installation:
  • TP-Link Archer C3200 WiFi Router
  • Power Supply cable
  • 1 or more Ethernet Cables
  • Wired internet connection from a Cable or DSL modem

How to Reset TP-Link C3200

Resetting your TP-Link router is super easy and only takes a couple minutes to complete. It’s a great tool for any network issues because it is so simple but will fix most network issues that you may encounter. If you’re having any issues with your network, this is a great first step to try when troubleshooting and can prevent you from having to call up your internet service provider for assistance.

  1. Plug in your wireless router (if not already plugged in) and allow it to boot up for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Locate the reset button hole. It’s usually on the back of your device where all the other ports are located.
  3. For this next step you’ll need a pen cartridge or flattened paperclip to press and hold down the reset button for 30 seconds.
  4. After 30 seconds, release the reset button and allow 2-3 minutes for your router to reboot and reset. You’ll know it’s done when the WiFi lights come back on on the front.

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