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Cradlepoint CBA850 (BB1-0850120B-N0N) – Gigabit-Class LTE Router for Seamless Network Continuity

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  • The BB1-0850120B-N0N is a Cradlepoint CBA850 wireless cellular modem offering Gigabit-Class LTE for fast, reliable network failover and continuity.
  • This model supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) placement flexibility and out-of-band management for easier control and visibility.
  • The product includes a 3-year NetCloud Branch LTE Adapter Essentials Plan providing continuous updates, 24x7 support, and a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It's designed for maximum network uptime with features like Elastic Wideband technology, overlay failover, and exceptional cellular connectivity, even while waiting for terrestrial links.

Microhard BulletPlusAC-CAT9: High-Speed LTE Gateway for Data-Intensive Applications

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  • The Microhard BulletPlusAC-CAT9 is an industrial-strength cellular solution employing LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation technology, providing ultra-fast CAT9 LTE connections with up to 450 Mbps downlink speeds, ideal for data-intensive applications.
  • It's equipped with enterprise-grade 802.11ac WiFi with speeds reaching up to 1.3 Gbps, ensuring seamless, high-speed wireless connectivity.
  • The device is fitted with numerous ports including 4x Gigabit LAN ports, 2x Independent Gigabit WAN ports, and 2x RS232 Serial Data/Console ports, ensuring versatile connection options for various devices.
  • Added features include Dual SIM with failover functionality for uninterrupted connectivity, wide operating temperature range (-40C to +85C), 2x Programmable I/O, and standalone GPS, enhancing its functionality and usability in various environments.

Netgear AC797 Aircard Mobile Hotspot 4G LTE Router

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  • The Netgear AC797 Aircard is a mobile hotspot router that provides 4G LTE connectivity on the go.
  • It supports download speeds of up to 600Mbps and upload speeds of up to 75Mbps, allowing for fast internet access.
  • It has a built-in battery that provides up to 10 hours of usage time, making it convenient for travel or outdoor use.
  • It allows for up to 20 simultaneous connections, making it suitable for sharing the internet connection with multiple devices.
  • The Netgear Aircard mobile app allows for easy management of the hotspot, including setting up a guest network, monitoring data usage, and managing connected devices.

Netgear LB2120 2-Port 4G/3G LTE Modem

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  • LTE 4G Broadband Modem with Dual-Ethernet Ports
  • Compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile & Limited Verizon Services
  • Supports Wired Download Speeds up to 150 Mbps
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports for Connection Pass-Through
  • 1 Gigabit LAN Port + 1 Gigabit WAN Port

Netgear LB1120 4G/3G Portable LTE Modem

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  • 4G/3G LTE Modem for Mobile Wired Connectivity
  • Easy Installation & Setup with DSL Provider
  • Supports Download Speeds up to 150Mbps & Upload up to 50Mbps
  • Gigabit Ethernet WAN Port for Connection Pass-Through
  • Connects Easily with Routers, Computers & Switches

Netgear LB1121 4G/3G LTE Modem

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  • Built-In Gigabit WAN Port for Easy Connections
  • 4G LTE Connections with Fallback to 3G
  • Supports Wired Speeds up to 150Mbps Download
  • Conveniently Supports PoE, Remote Management
  • Portable, Lightweight Design for Easy Transportation