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Netgear R9000 Nighthawk X10 Smart WiFi Router

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  • Lightning-Fast Speeds: The Netgear R9000 Nighthawk X10 Smart WiFi Router delivers lightning-fast speeds, thanks to its powerful quad-core processor and tri-band design.
  • 4K Streaming and VR Gaming: This router is designed to support 4K streaming and VR gaming, making it an ideal choice for households with demanding entertainment needs.
  • Advanced Security: The Netgear R9000 is equipped with advanced security features, including WPA3 encryption, parental controls, and NETGEAR Armor, to protect your network and keep your online experience safe.
  • Easy to Set Up and Manage: The R9000 comes with an easy-to-use web interface and NETGEAR Nighthawk App, which makes it simple to set up and manage your network, even for those who are not tech-savvy. Additionally, it supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control for added convenience.

Linksys EA8300 Tri-Band AC2200 WiFi Router

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  • Tri-Band Connectivity: The Linksys EA8300 Tri-Band Max-Stream AC2200 Wireless Router provides tri-band connectivity, allowing you to connect multiple devices to the network and access the Internet simultaneously.
  • Fast Ethernet Ports: The EA8300 includes four Fast Ethernet ports, allowing you to connect multiple devices to the router and access the Internet simultaneously.
  • Easy to Use: The router is easy to set up and use, with a simple setup wizard and a user-friendly web interface.
  • Advanced Features: The EA8300 includes advanced features such as parental controls, guest networks, and network prioritization, making it easy to customize your network for your needs.

ASUS RT-ACRH13 AC1300 Dual-Band Gigabit Wireless Router

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  • Dual-Band AC1300 Wi-Fi for fast and stable wireless connectivity.
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired connections with high speed data transfer.
  • ASUS Router App for easy control and management of your network.
  • Advanced security features including parental controls, AiProtection Pro powered by Trend Micro, and built-in VPN server.