• Cable Modems

    Unlock the full potential of high-speed internet with our versatile Cable Modems lineup at ModemGuides.com, featuring the latest DOCSIS technology for peak performance and compatibility with major ISPs. 

    Cable Modems
  • Dual-Band WiFi

    Elevate your online experience with our Dual Band Wireless Routers, designed to deliver lightning-fast speeds and unbeatable reliability across all your devices. Seamlessly stream, game, and browse on multiple devices with our state-of-the-art technology that ensures a smooth, lag-free connection in every corner of your home.

    Dual-Band WiFi
  • Modem Router Combos

    Modem Router Combos
  • Comcast Xfinity

    Comcast Xfinity

    Comcast Xfinity-compatible modems provide top-tier internet speeds, ensuring smooth streaming, gaming, and web browsing experiences.

    Comcast Xfinity
  • Charter Spectrum

    Charter Spectrum

    Charter Spectrum-compatible modems offer fast and dependable internet connectivity, perfect for streaming, gaming, and everyday online activities.

    Charter Spectrum
  • Wireless Routers

    Explore the world of seamless connectivity with our Wireless Routers category on ModemGuides.com. Designed to cater to both home and office environments, our selection of wireless routers offers the ultimate solution for high-speed internet access. 

    Wireless Routers
  • DSL Modems

    Find the ideal modem for your DSL internet at ModemGuides.com, where our DSL Modems category offers a premium selection from basic, reliable models for everyday browsing to advanced options for streaming and gaming. 

    DSL Modems
  • CenturyLink


    Elevate your CenturyLink internet service with our exclusive selection of compatible modems, ranging from basic models for everyday reliability to advanced units with integrated Wi-Fi for streaming, gaming, and telecommuting. 

  • Mediacom


    Maximize your internet plan and save up to $168 per year on equipment rental fees by owning your Mediacom modem. Shop our selection of Mediacom approved devices now!

  • WiFi Range Extenders

    Step into a world where every corner of your home or office basks in strong, uninterrupted internet with our WiFi Range Extenders category. These compact yet powerful devices are engineered to amplify your existing WiFi signal, banishing dead zones and expanding coverage to those hard-to-reach areas.

    WiFi Range Extenders
  • Tri-Band WiFi

    Tri-Band WiFi
  • Mesh Network Systems

    WiFi Mesh Network Systems redefine seamless internet connectivity, offering a solution to eliminate dead zones and provide consistent, high-speed coverage across various spaces. Perfect for homes and offices of all sizes, these systems feature multiple nodes that work in harmony to ensure a stable connection as you move around. With...

    Mesh Network Systems
  • Gigabit WiFi Routers

    Unlock the full potential of your internet with our Gigabit WiFi Routers, engineered to provide ultra-fast, stable connections for an unrivaled online experience. Whether you're streaming in 4K, gaming competitively, or working from home, our cutting-edge routers ensure that your digital life is not just connected, but lightning-fast and interruption-free....

    Gigabit WiFi Routers
  • DOCSIS 3.1

    The latest advancement in modem technology, DOCSIS 3.1 enables gigabit download speeds, making it perfect for streaming ultra-high-definition content, enjoying lag-free gaming, and managing heavy data tasks with ease. These modems not only deliver top-tier speed and reliability but also offer enhanced security and efficiency, ensuring a superior online experience....

    DOCSIS 3.1
  • Sparklight | CableOne

    Sparklight | CableOne

    Sparklight (formerly Cable One)-compatible modems provide fast and reliable internet connectivity, ideal for streaming, gaming, and browsing with ease.

    Sparklight | CableOne
  • AT&T


    Shop our selection of AT&T approved modems and modem router combo devices and save on your month equipment rental fees! 

  • Bright House Networks

    Bright House Networks

    Bright House Networks-compatible modems offer reliable and high-speed internet connectivity, perfect for streaming, gaming, and everyday online activities.

    Bright House Networks
  • Frontier


    Frontier-compatible modems offer seamless internet connectivity with high-speed performance, ensuring uninterrupted browsing, streaming, and online gaming.

  • Cablevision

  • Optimum Cable

    Optimum Cable

    Shop our complete list of Optimum approved modems and modem router combo devices! Customers can save up to $168 per year and experience improved service just be owning their modem. Start saving today!

    Optimum Cable
  • Suddenlink


    Suddenlink-compatible modems deliver exceptional internet performance, providing fast and reliable connections for streaming, gaming, and browsing. 

  • Switches

    Discover the backbone of efficient and reliable wired networks with our selection of Networking Wired Switches at ModemGuides.com. Engineered to cater to a wide array of networking demands, from small home offices to large enterprise environments, our collection includes everything from basic unmanaged switches that offer plug-and-play simplicity, to sophisticated...

  • Gaming Routers

    Gaming Routers
  • Batteries



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